The Door- Resource and Recovery Lodge

Written on 03/12/2024

603 1st St. N. New Town, ND. 
OFFICE: (701)-627-4358 
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 7 PM &
Saturday 11 AM - 6 PM

JOIN OUR ZOOM MEETINGS: Zoom ID: 542 637 8537

North Segment's The Door resource and recovery lodge guarantees a safe, sober and proactive environment to those that are in recovery. The Door Provides peer support, care coordination, and a solid wellbriety movement, a 12-step recovery foundation. We believe in building a healing forest at home on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation so our people can have a sober atmosphere to thrive in. Our peer support members and recovery coaches assist individuals with changing their old behaviors and thinking. The Door's primary purpose is to promote healthy, structured, responsible living through utilizing peer support and our cultural teachings to start living life on life's terms. 

Our peer support specialists have walked the path to recovery and are readily available to assist other in their recovery journey. 

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Teliea Baker - Director of The Door | (701)-421-1615

Levi Chaplin, BSW Youth Wellness Advoc. Peer Support Specialist | (701)-421-3854

Calvin Goodbird, Peer Support Specialist | (701)-421-2239

Bo-Morgan Howling Wolf, Peer Support Specialist | (701)-897-1968

Chaselynn Mayer, Peer Support Specialist | (701)-421-3817

Mike Redtomahawk, Fitness Coach | Peer Support Specialist | (701)-421-6683

Miranda Silk, Peer Support Specialist (701)-897-6880